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Mizoram: Interesting Facts About The Land Of The Hill People

Indian State Mizoram
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Mizoram: Interesting Facts About The Land Of The Hill People

Mizoram, one of 3 states in India with a Christian majority, is known for its hills and forests.

Mizoram, which has the highest concentration of tribal people among Indian states, celebrates its Statehood Day on Tuesday. Spread over an area of 21,087 sq. km, it shares its borders with Tripura, Assam and Manipur. It also shares international boundaries with Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Quick Facts

  • Capital – Aizawl
  • Districts – 8
  • Population – 1,097,206
  • Assembly seats – 40
  • Lok Sabha seats – 1
  • Rajya Sabha seats – 1
  • Literacy rate – 91.58%
  • Sex ratio – 976

Political Background

 Ch Chhunga was the first chief minister of the state which was created on 20 February 1987. The current incumbent Lal Thanhawla belongs to the Indian National Congress (INC). He was sworn in as the state’s 3rd Chief Minister on 12 December 2013. The Governor is Lt Gen Nirbhay Sharma.

Statehood Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was among the first to wish the people on Statehood Day.

Israel’s Ambassador to India, Daniel Carmon, conveyed his best wishes to the state with some beautiful pictures.

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History And People

Mizoram has a population of diverse tribal origins. Before the arrival of the British, the state was ruled by local chiefs of the tribal communities.

The major religion practised in the state is Christianity. In fact, it is one of three states in India with a Christian majority.

It was part of Assam till 1972, when it was carved out into a Union Territory. Three other states, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Meghalaya, have also been carved out from Assam.

State Exclusives 

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Cultural Heritage 

  • Mizoram is a combination of three words, ‘Mi’ meaning people, ‘Zo’ meaning hill and ‘Ram’ meaning a country. The literal meaning of the state is “the land of the hill people”.
  • Mizo and English are widely spoken in the state.
  • The major festivals celebrated in the state are Chapchar Kut and Pawl Kut.
  • The traditional dresses worn by the women of the state are Puan, Ngotekherah and Puanchei.
  • The famous dances of the state are Chai, Cheraw, Khuallam and Chheihlam.
  • The state is known for shifting or Jhum cultivation.


The main tourist destinations in the state are:

  • Luangmual Handicrafts Centre
  • Khuangchera Puk
  • Hmuifang Hill, famous for Mountain Biking
  • Thenzawl
  • Palak Lake
  • Vantawang Falls

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