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Younger Nation celebrates India, its institutions, traditions, values and heroes. We, the Younger Nation, are frequently stereotyped as an apathetic generation, ill- informed and not bothered to change that. Jokes abound on how we don’t know who the President of India is and that we don’t care. Not true. Be it about systems and institutions, or occurrences and opinions, the young Indian has a lot to say, but has had little space to say it.

We are tired of being spoken for by others. It is time to reclaim the narrative, and more importantly, our future. An estimated 133 million young Indians will vote for the first time in a general election in 2019. Every political party has that number at the top its calculations for the polls. Their manifestoes will be constructed with keywords designed to win that first vote. Fair enough, so time to start hearing our voices and consulting us in the shaping of the polity we will inherit. We bring them to you here.

Vinay Jha

Ask him what being young means and he’ll tell you that it’s all between the years. As Founder and Editor-in- Chief, Vinay Jha brings to the table over 25 years of experience in the media, print as well as digital. He firmly believes that age is no bar to thinking – and feeling – young. He loves travel, food and cricket when he is not working, though not necessarily in that order.

Pratyaksha Jha

Pratyaksha Jha is a firm believer in the ability of the written and spoken word to catalyse change. Our Editor, Current Affairs is a 19-year- old Political Science undergraduate at Ashoka University and is eagerly waiting to cast her first vote in the 2019 national election. When not at work or in the classroom, she can be found debating, playing music or indulging her love of food and travel.

Sachin Sharma

He loves his job of coding and optimising websites, always keeping pace with new evolving algorithms and technologies. Our Technology Head Sachin Sharma strongly believes that change is the only constant. When he is not coding, he loves to travel and write poetry.

Himanshi Goyal

Self-driven and confident, Staff Writer Himanshi Goyal is game for any challenge that comes her way. Or even two or three. An English (Honours) graduate from Delhi University, she is also doing a Masters in English from IGNOU and a diploma course in Journalism from YMCA, New Delhi. She finds joy in reading and exploring and using that knowledge to create valuable content.

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