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Armed Forces Week To Honour Valour, Distribute Flags Throughout The Country

Armed Forces Week To Honour Valour, Distribute Flags Throughout The Country
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Armed Forces

Armed Forces Week To Honour Valour, Distribute Flags Throughout The Country

From 1949 onwards, the Armed Forces Flag Day is observed every year.

India will observe the Armed Forces Week from 1 December till 7 December, 2018 which will mark the celebration of 70th Armed Forces Flag Day.

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Armed Forces Week

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has appealed to the countrymen to join in this Armed Forces Week, in wearing Armed Forces flag to pay respects to the brave sons and daughters of our nation.

Defence Ministry will spread awareness about the valour of armed forces till December 7th, when the nation will observe Armed Forces Day. The objective is to encourage citizens to make financial contributions to the families of war heroes and promote welfare activities.

Armed Forces Flag Day

The Armed Forces Flag Day has been observed every year from 1949 onwards to honour martyrs and brave personnel from the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy who fight to protect India.

The event aims to collect funds from the people by distributing the Indian special colorful flags, labels and stickers.

The prestigious annual celebration in India ensures the well-being of the nation’s life, providing rehabilitation to the victims of battles, welfare of war-widows, children of martyrs and ex-servicemen.

During the celebrations of Armed Forces Flag Day, the Indian Air Force, the Indian Army and the Indian Navy arrange a variety of traditional and cultural programs, plays, festivals, and various awareness programs on safety.

The Indian Military personnel also participate in distributing the colourful Indian flag or vehicle flags (red, deep blue, light blue denoting the three divisions of Indian Army) throughout the country.

Courageous and brave armed personnel represent how they sacrifice their lives to protect the normal lives of the country.

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Managing Funds

Local arms of the Kendriya Sainik Board (as element of the Defense Ministry) manage the fund collection all through the country. It is operated by the managing committee and organized by both the official and non-official voluntary organizations.

People can contribute towards welfare of war-widows, children of martyrs and ex-servicemen by visiting

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