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Gallantry Awards 2019: President Confers Kirti Chakra, Shaurya Chakra Honours

Gallantry Awards 2019: President Confers Kirti Chakra, Shaurya Chakra Honours
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Gallantry Awards 2019: President Confers Kirti Chakra, Shaurya Chakra Honours

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat received the Param Vishisht Seva Medal (PVSM).

The Gallantry Awards 2019 conferred on Thursday saw three Kirti Chakra and 15 Shaurya Chakra honours.

President Ram Nath Kovind, who is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces, presented the awards at a ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. He also presented the Distinguished Service Decorations.

Gallantry Awards 2019 included two posthumous Kirti Chakras and one posthumous Shaurya Chakra.

The Gallantry Awards 2019 announced on Republic Day included one Ashoka Chakra, two Kirti Chakra, and nine Shaurya Chakra honours for the Indian Army.

Kirti Chakra In Gallantry Awards 2019

Sepoy Vrahma Pal Singh (Posthumous) – The Rajput Regiment / 44th Battalion, The Rashtriya Rifles

Sepoy Vrahma Pal Singh was a part of the cordon and search operation which was launched in Algar village, South Kashmir in Jammu and Kashmir on input of presence of three terrorists in November, 2017.

After the identification of a complex of target houses and having readjusted the cordon, a search team including Sepoy Vrahma Pal Singh was formed.

Having cleared two houses, Pal Singh moved to the completely dark cowshed where all the three terrorists started firing at him.

He protected his buddy, Rifleman Aurangzab and kept the terrorists engaged to escape out of cowshed.

He posthumously received the Kirti Chakra for saving the life of his buddy and leading to neutralisation of one terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir.

Rajendra Kumar Nain, Constable (Posthumous) – 130 BN,CRPF

Rajendra Kumar laid down his life while eliminating two terrorists during an operation in village Darsu in Baramulla district in August last year.

He came out in the open to cover the movement of some of his fellow soldiers who had come under heavy fire. He directly engaged the terrorists, killing one in the fire fight.

Despite being injured, he refused evacuation and later killed the second terrorist in hand-to-hand combat before succumbing to his injuries.

Major Tushar Gauba – 20th Battalion, The Jat Regiment

On the night of 23 May 2018, eight militants attempted an infiltration across the Line of Control (LoC) in Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Early next morning, Major Tushar Gauba laid an ambush to prevent the terrorists from going back. The group of terrorists came across Major Gauba’s team while they were trying to make their way back early on 26 May.

They attacked the Indian troops using automatic weapons and hand grenades, injuring one of them. The Major got him to safety and then crawled close to the spot where the terrorists were firing from.

Major Gauba lobbed a hand grenade and charged towards them, firing constantly and killed three terrorists in the process. His swift action also ensured that no Indian lives were lost.

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Shaurya Chakra In Gallantry Awards 2019

Captain Varma Jayesh Rajesh – The Rajput Regiment/ 44th Battalion, The Rashtriya Rifles

In September, 2017, a village in South Kashmir of Jammu and Kashmir was attacked by a fleeting of terrorists.

Captain Varma eliminated one of the two terrorists in a gunfight and forced the third terrorist to be localized to be nearby cluster of houses.

Later, he neutralized the third terrorist.

Captain Kaninder Paul Singh, The Rajput Regiment / 44th Battalion, The Rashtriya Rifles

In October 2017, Ghatak Platoon commander, Captain Kaninder Paul Singh launched to cordon a village in Jammu and Kashmir where three terrorists where present.

He eliminated a terrorist identified as a category ‘A’.

In March 2018, Captain Kaninder laid a cordon against a large group of terrorists.

He neutralized one terrorist in firing and other in close combat with his personal weapon.

Major Pawan Gautam – The Corps Of Engineers / 44th Battalion, The Rashtriya Rifles

Major Pawan Gautam generated specific intelligence which resulted in elimination of seven hardcore terrorists.

In March 2018, Major Pawan with his buddy Rifleman Mohd Maroof approached a target house in a village in Shopian, Jammu and Kashmir.

Two terrorists came out firing indiscriminately and injured Mohd Maroof.

Pawan neutralised the terrorists and rescued his buddy. He also injured five more terrorists who later opened fire at him.

Major Aditya Kumar – 10th Battalion, The Garhwal Rifles

In November 2017, after receiving the information about the presence of four terrorists in Budgam in Jammu and Kashmir, Major Aditya established an initial cordon.

This helped localise their moves and restricting them to the target house.

He eliminated two terrorists in a gunfight.

Captain Abhinav Kumar Choudhary- The Corps Of Signals / 21st Battalion, The Rashtriya Rifles

On 7 August 2018, on being alerted regarding move of five terrorists in General Area Liddar Panzal in Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, operational teams of 21 Rashtriya Rifles (GUARDS) and 9 Parachute Regiment were inducted for close cordon.

After visually confirming and positively identifying the terrorists, the officer and his buddy opened heavy volume of fire on terrorists.

In the ensuing firefight, the officer eliminated one unidentified foreign terrorist.

Later, he ensured strict fire discipline which facilitated elimination of all five foreign Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists.

Naib Subedar Vijay Kumar Yadav – 15th Battalion, The Maratha Light Infantry Regiment

He was a part of Company Quick Reaction Team and Post Commander deployed on forward post on Line of Control (LoC).

In February 2018, upon realising that enemy actions had been initiated in the neighbouring post, Subedar Vijay sprung into action.

When the enemy reached his post, he killed one terrorist and shot another while trying to retrieve the dead one.

He forced the enemy to seek immediate disengagement and flee.

Gunner Ranjit Singh, The Regiment Of Artillery / 13th Battalion, The Rashtriya Rifles

He was a part of the inner cordon of a specific operation in Jammu and Kashmir.

When the cordon was being readjusted, six heavily armed terrorists opened fire at their positions.

Despite being wounded, he faced effective fire and killed one terrorist as well as wounded the two.

Captain P Rajkumar, NM

President Ram Nath Kovind presented the Shaurya Chakra to Captain (TS) P Rajkumar.

He displayed courage, fortitude, valour and undeterred commitment to save human lives during Cyclone Ochki in southern coast of India

Major Amit Kumar Dimri – The Garhwal Rifles / 14th Battalion, The Rashtriya Rifles

On 20 September 2018, five terrorists were informed to be present in Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Consequently, Operation Shokbaba was launched by the battalion under Major Amit Kumar Dimri.

Major Amit eliminated two escaping terrorists and trapped the remaining three terrorists inside a single cowshed.

A day later, he eliminated two more terrorists.

A terrorist who jumped out and tried to escape was neutralised by the major.

Head Constable AS Krishna, Constables K Dinesh Raja And Prafulla Kumar, 45 BN, CRPF

 Head Constable A S Krishna, Constable K Dinesh Raja (left) and Constable Prafulla Kumar (right)

Head Constable A S Krishna, Constable K Dinesh Raja (left) and Constable Prafulla Kumar (right)

Shaurya Chakra honours were conferred on Head Constable A S Krishna, Constable K Dinesh Raja and Constable Prafulla Kumar, 45 Batallion, CRPF, for displaying exceptional valour, gallantry and raw courage in the face of imminent threat to their lives, eliminating terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.

Dhanawade Ravindra Baban (Posthumous) – 182 BN, CRPF

In August 2017, militants attacked a police complex with residential buildings in southern Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

Head constable Ravindra Baban Dhanawade of Maharashtra died from wounds along with the constable Jaswant Singh of Haryana. He has been awarded the Shaurya Chakra posthumously as part of the Gallantry Awards 2019.

The other two who died were constable Dinesh Deepak from Gujarat, and constable Mohammad Yasin Teli from Baramulla district in north Kashmir.

Lance Naik Ayyub Ali – The Rajputana Rifles/ 9th Battalion, The Rashtriya Rifles

On 15 September, 2018, five heavily armed terrorists were cordoned in a house.

Terrorists tried to break the cordon by using grenades and heavy volume of fire.

Due to their indiscriminate firing two of our men were wounded. Lance Naik Ayyub Ali eliminated a terrorist of Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist association.

He thereafter continued to engage the remaining terrorists and enabled evacuation of wounded personnel to a safe location.

Sapper Mahesh HN – The Corps Of Engineers / 44th Battalion, The Rashtriya Rifles

Sapper Mahesh HN received the Shaurya Chakra for displaying indomitable spirit and exemplary leadership in eliminating a terrorist, injuring another and assisting in neutralisation of other terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Distinguished Service Decorations

Ram Nath Kovind also conferred 15 Param Vishisht Seva Medals (PVSM), one Uttam Yudh Seva Medal (UYSM) and 25 Ati Vishisht Seva Medals (AVSM) to senior officers of the Armed Forces for distinguished service of an exceptional order.

One of the Param Vishisht Seva Medals was conferred on Army Chief General Bipin Rawat.

Among the dignitaries present for the Gallantry Awards 2019 ceremony were Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

(Note – All the photos are courtesy the Twitter handle of the President of India.) 

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