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Already, I Am Mumbai And Mumbai is Me

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Already, I Am Mumbai And Mumbai is Me

No dastardly terror attack can kill or even maim this city’s spirit.

When people say it’s not a city, it’s a feeling, they are describing Mumbai. No other city can that be said about more than this vast, ever growing metropolis. A city that defines so many emotions, lends itself to so many adjectives.

I landed in this city almost nine years after terrorists attacked it on 26 November, 2008, killing 166 people.  My friends who were here then describe a life-changing memory from childhood. And yet here is Mumbai, its spirit unchanged, its pace never slowing. This city never stops.

So when an incident of such magnitude as 26/11 happened, the people of Mumbai learned from it. They understood that safety has to have a new meaning and a new scale. And they worked it into their daily lives.

That has in no way meant that Mumbaikars have stopped going to places or doing the things they want to do. Even as the city remembers and mourns the people it lost, pays moving tributes to its bravehearts and vows never to let down its guard again, it has learned and kept moving moved forward. And still is.

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You cannot restrict Mumbai’s excitement, sense of adventure, love, work ethics. No dastardly terror attack can kill or even maim this city’s spirit.

I had visited this city before, but you have to live here to understand and appreciate it. I have now been in the city for a little over six months.  As a student I travel, study, work, party, every day soaking in the essence of what Mumbai is. Already, I am Mumbai and Mumbai is me.

Mumbai through Anushka’s Lens


(Anushka Kumar is 19 years old. A creative soul, she looks to the arts to express herself, be it through music, dance or visual art. She is currently studying design at ISDI Parsons in Mumbai, the city she plans on calling home for the next four years.)

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s personal views.

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