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Daman And Diu: A Picturesque Location On The Western Coast

Indian Union Territory Daman and Diu

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Daman And Diu: A Picturesque Location On The Western Coast

The Union Territory was liberated from four centuries of Portuguese rule in 1961.

Daman and Diu is a Union Territory located on the western coast of India near the state of Gujarat. It has an area of 102 sq km.

Quick Facts

Capital- Daman

Population – 2,42,911

Population Density – 2169

Sex Ratio – 618

Literacy Rate – 87.07 %


The region has seen the rule of the Chowda Rajputs, Waghalas, Portuguese and the Muslim emperors.

The Battle of Diu was fought in the Arabian Sea in February 1509. With the defeat of the Muslims, the Portuguese established their dominance over the spice trade routes of Daman and Diu.

After its liberation after four centuries of Portuguese rule on 19 December, 1961, it became a part of the Union Territory of Goa, Daman and Diu. Goa became a state on 30 May 1987 while Daman and Diu continued as a Union Territory.

The first Administrator was Gopal Singh. The current Administrator is Praful Patel.

Key Features

The Union Territory’s culture is a blend of what is found in Gujarat and Maharashtra. The main languages spoken here are Portuguese, Gujarati, Marathi and Konkani.

The main rivers flowing through Daman and Diu are Bhagwan Damanganga and Kalem.

It is known for the Garba and Dandiya Ras dance forms. Nariyal Purnima is the main festival that is celebrated here.


The picturesque Devika Beach and the Diu Fort are major tourist attractions. The Somnath Temple and Dominican Monastery are also popular.

Trade And Commerce

Most of the economic activities in the Union Territory revolve around tourism, agriculture, fishery and distilleries.

Some important crops that are grown in the state are paddy, ragi, groundnut, pulses and beans, wheat, banana, sapota and mango.

Daman and Diu also has an automobile industry besides manufacturing electronic and electrical goods.

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