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India No. 4 on Asia Power Index 2018, Pakistan Way Behind In Inaugural List

India No. 4 on Asia Power Index 2018, Pakistan Way Behind In Inaugural List
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India Ahead

India No. 4 on Asia Power Index 2018, Pakistan Way Behind In Inaugural List

The United States of America tops the list of 25 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

India ranks no. 4 out of 25 countries in the Asia-Pacific region on an Asia Power Index 2018 that calculates a country’s overall power based on eight measures. India has been described as a giant of the future in the index released by the Lowy Institute, an Australian think tank.

The country, which has assigned an overall score of 41.5 out of 100, ranks high when it comes to future trends and cultural influences, says the report.

The United States of America, described as a major external player in the region, tops the Asia Power Index with an overall score of 85.0, nearly a 10-point lead over second-placed China at 75.5 points.

Japan, ranked no. 3, is just 0.6 points ahead of India with a score of 42.1. India is followed by Russia (33.3) and Australia (32.5) on the index.

With 15.1 overall points, Pakistan is ranked no. 15, just ahead of Taiwan, which has an overall score of 14.9, but is behind Vietnam (rank 13; overall score 16.5).

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How The Asia Power Index Was Calculated

An analysis of the Asia Power Index in The Interpreter published by the Lowy Institute pointed out that “comprised of 114 indicators of power, across eight thematic measures, the Index is the most comprehensive assessment of power in Asia ever undertaken”.

 The weightings include four under the category of Resources. They are:

  • Economic Resources (20%)
  • Military Capability (20%)
  • Resilience (7.5%)
  • Future Trends (7.5%)

A second category, Influence, has another four weightings as follows:

  • Diplomatic influence (10%)
  • Economic Relationships (15%)
  • Defence Networks (10%)
  • Cultural Influence (10%)

“Three of the world’s four largest economies are in Asia, and the fourth, the United States is a Pacific power. By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in Asia, compared with just over a tenth in the West,” the report says, underscoring the region’s importance in shaping the world’s future.

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India A Strong Performer

According to the inaugural index, India’s strongest performance is in the future trends and cultural influence measures and it ranks 3rdin each.

The country’s lowest ranking is in the defence networks measure, where it is in 10thplace.

Here are some other key observations on India:

  • India’s economy is predicted to grow 169% between 2016 and 2030, and its working-age population is forecast to grow by 169 million people by 2030.
  • Among index countries, India is the least dependent on its primary trading partner, China.
  • India has 1.45 million more military and paramilitary personnel than the United States, but its annual military expenditure is less than 8% of the United States’.

Findings from the inaugural index include:

  • The United States remains the pre-eminent power in Asia but China, the emerging superpower, is rapidly closing in on the United States.
  • Japan and India share major power status; Tokyo is a smart power while New Delhi is a giant of the future.
  • North Korea, Russia, and Taiwan are misfit middle powers in Asia.
  • Singapore, Australia, and South Korea are overperformers in the region.

Interesting Findings Of Asia Power Index

 The city-state of Singapore with a population of just 5.6 million, is ranked no. 8 on the list with a score of 27.9. While it lacks in military and economic size, it makes up for it with an influential network of regional relationships, including defence partnerships.

By contrast, another small country, the oil-rich Brunei is ranked 19 with a score of 8.2.

Bangladesh is ranked 18 with a score of 8.7. Another Indian neighbor, Sri Lanka is ranked at 20 with an overall score of 7.6. The last position on the list is that of Nepal, which is no. 25 with an overall score of just 3.1.

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