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Be Internet Awesome, Google Educates Children On Internet Safety

Be Internet Awesome, Google Educates Children On Internet Safety
(Source- Twitter handle of Google for Education)

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Be Internet Awesome, Google Educates Children On Internet Safety

A cartoon game has also been designed to help students guard against cybercrime.

Google has launched the Be Internet Awesome programme to educate children about internet safety in October, regarding the month as ‘National Bullying Prevention Month’ . The program will help the students at learning, exploring, and staying safe online.

For the mission, Google has collaborated with Internet Keep Safe Coalition (, Connect Safely and Family Online Safety Institute.

Google has devised five fundamental lessons on digital safety under the Be Internet Awesome mission-

  • Share with Care (Be Internet Smart) – before sharing anything online, questions like what to share and with whom to share should be considered thoughtfully. Extra sensitive information like current location, address and family should not be shared.
  • Don’t Fall for Fake (Be Internet Alert) – watch out for phishing, scam and report questionable activities on the internet to each other always.Differentiating between real and fake is a very important for online safety.
  • Secure Your Secrets (Be Internet Strong) – important information should be secured with unique and strong passwords containing special characters, numbers or symbols.
  • It’s Cool to Be Kind (Be Internet Kind) – the Internet is an effective way to spread positivity all around the world. One should always lend a helping hand to the people in need.
  • When in Doubt, Talk It Out (Be Internet Brave) – difficult or uncomfortable situations or activities should be discussed with the trusted adult and others to spread awareness and resolve queries.

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Interland – The Cartoon Game

Along with lessons for students from third grade to sixth grade, a cartoon game, ‘Interland’ has also been designed to help students guard against cybercrime.

The cartoon game comes with Google’s logo with the character in blue, red, yellow and green colour palette and four different levels for the first four fundamental lessons.

According to Google’s site description, the game will also boost their confidence in the outer world.

The mountainous town centre, ‘Mindful Mountain’ of Interland is a place where students mingle with each other. In the game, the student must be very careful while sharing information on internet. This level is the part of the first lesson in the curriculum.

In the level 2, Google delivers an animated world in which children explore spammers, hackers and other bad actors in the “Reality River”.

Apart from the ‘Reality River’ and the ‘Mindful Mountain’, the game offers two other levels- ‘Kind Kingdom’ and ‘Tower of Treasure’.

The Tower of Treasure exposes valuable information of the student like contact info and private messages. The player has to defeat the hacker and build a fortress with strong passwords to secure the secrets.

The last level of the game offers a sunniest corner of town where aggressors spread negativity everywhere. Students have to stop the negativity by blocking and reporting the aggressors to restore the peaceful nature of the kingdom.

How The Curriculum Works

The educator will have to visit the official website of the Be Internet Awesome for obtaining the tools and resources of the programme.

The PDF of the Be Internet Awesome curriculum contains lessons, activities, vocabulary words and worksheets on the five fundamental digital lessons.

On the website, the cartoon game ‘Interland’ is also available which helps learning about digital safety through different levels. Students have to complete at least one of the four levels individually.

After completion of the chosen level of the game which is the last activity of every lesson, the student gets a personalized certificate.

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