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Mastanamma, 107 Not Out, Immortal On Her YouTube Channel

Mastanamma, 107 Not Out, Immortal On Her YouTube Channel

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Mastanamma, 107 Not Out, Immortal On Her YouTube Channel

In the tiny ‘open-air’ kitchen, ever-smiling granny cooked food with the basic cooking utensils.

The oldest food Youtube star, 107 years old, Andrakashari Mastanamma passed away on Tuesday.

The video of Mastanamma’s last rites was posted on her channel, ‘Country Foods’ for the subscribers to pay tribute to the Andhra Pradesh-based home chef.

Oldest Youtube Sensation

The exceptional culinarian granny shot to fame, when a YouTube channel ‘Country Foods’ started displaying her cooking skills.

Mastanamma’s distant relative and a media person, K Laxman along with Srinath Reddy, had posted a video of her preparing brinjal curry. This started granny’s journey for achieving her dreams and starting the cookery channel on YouTube in 2016.

Located in a village in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, Mastanamma’s cooking videos fetched millions of views, subscribers and likes all over the world.

The channel currently has over 200 videos on it.

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Distinctive Style, Worldwide Admiration

In the tiny ‘open-air’ kitchen, ever-smiling granny used to cook food with the basic cooking utensils.

From peeling all the vegetables with hand to grinding all her spices in an old pestle and mortar, the granny prepared meals from scratch, recorded and posted on the channel.

Mastanamma mastered the art of cooking and discovered recipes ranging from watermelon chicken to even village-style KFC, but specialized in cooking sea-food.

Interestingly, she has a distinctive and unique style for cracking an egg.

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Mastanamma Cooking Dreams Into Reality

Mastanamma was married early at the age of 11 and had five children, of whom only one son is alive today. She was widowed at the age of 22 and raised her children all by herself.

A video which was posted after Mastanamma’s birthday last year showed her talking about wishes, gift and greeting card that had been sent by her fans in Pakistan. She celebrated her birthday with the money sent by her admirers worldwide.

As the Youtube channel had stopped uploading videos in the past six months, she had been probably sick since then. Responding to the fans’  restlessness and eagerness to know about her well-being, the YouTube channel finally posted a video displaying granny’s last journey.

(Note- All the photos are screengrabs from Mastanamma’s YouTube channel ‘Country Foods’.)

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