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Mumbai Engineer Hamid Ansari Released By Pakistan After 6 Years In Jail

Mumbai Engineer Hamid Ansari Freed By Pakistan After 6 Years In Jail
Hamid Nehal Ansari. (Source – Facebook)

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Mumbai Engineer Hamid Ansari Released By Pakistan After 6 Years In Jail

His jail term ended last weekr; he returned to India through the Wagah border on Tuesday.

Pakistani authorities released and repatriated Indian national Hamid Ansari on Tuesday.

A Mumbai-based software engineer with an MBA degree, Hamid Nehal Ansari had been imprisoned in Pakistani since 2012 on charges of being involved in “anti-state crimes” and forging documents.

Arrested In Pakistan

33-year-old Ansari went to Kohat in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to meet a girl whom he had met on social media. He reportedly wanted to save her against a forced marriage.

Ansari crossed over from the Afghanistan border in Jalalabad to Pakistan’s Peshawar on 12 November 2012. Pakistani intelligence forces nabbed him there.

On 15 December 2015, Pakistan’s military court sentenced Ansari to three years in prison. The court claimed that Ansari was an “Indian spy who had illegally entered Pakistan and was involved in anti-state crimes and forging documents”.

He had been kept at the Peshawar Central Jail in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa since then.

Hamid Ansari Goes Missing

As far as Hamid Ansari’s family knew, he had left the country for Kabul in search of a job. He was then reported “missing”.

The family came to know about Hamid’s detaintion when his mother Fauzia Ansari filed a habeas corpus petition. It then came to light that he had been held by Pakistan’s Army and was being tried by a military court.

(Source- Facebook handle of Fauzia Ansari, Hamid's mother)

(Source- Facebook handle of Fauzia Ansari, Hamid’s mother)

Returning To India

The jail term had ended last week but he could not return to India as his legal documents were not ready.

On 13 December, the Peshawar High Court asked the federal government to complete the process in a month.

As reported by state-run Radio Pakistan, Hamid Ansari was released from jail on Tuesday and shifted to Islamabad for his onward journey to India.

Hamid Ansari reached India through the Wagah border.

It was a matter of great relief, especially for Ansari’s family, that his incarceration in the Pakistan jail was coming to an end after six years, said a statement by India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

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