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What Prime Minister Narendra Modi Said On Independence Day 2018

What Prime Minister Narendra Modi Said On Independence Day 2018
(Source – Twitter account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi)

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What Prime Minister Narendra Modi Said On Independence Day 2018

PM Modi spoke about some key ongoing and future programmes in different sectors.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his Independence Day 2018 address from the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi. Marking the completion of 71 years of Indian Independence, this was his last such speech before the 2019 general elections. He spoke at length about government initiatives in fields like development, health, sanitation, and justice for women.  Prime Minister Modi also announced some future programmes.

Here Are The Highlights From PM Modi’s Independence Day 2018 Speech

  • “Gagan-Yaan” a manned space mission, will be undertaken by India by 2022, using its own capabilities. India would become the fourth nation in the world to do so, the Prime Minister said.
  • Women officers of Short Service Commission in the Indian Armed Forces would now be eligible for permanent commission through a transparent selection process, PM Modi announced in his Independence Day 2018 speech.
  • Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Abhiyaan will be launched on 25 September this year to ensure that the poor of India get access to good quality and affordable healthcare. This will have a positive impact on 50 crore Indians.
  • Due to Swachh Bharat mission, lakhs of children can lead healthier lives. Even the WHO (World Health Organisation) has lauded the movement. Mahatma Gandhi led the Satyagrahis to freedom. Today, the Swachhagrahis have to ensure a Swachh Bharat, Modi said.
  • The Constitution of India, given to us by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar has spoken about justice for all. Prime Minister Modi pointed out that we have to ensure social justice for all and create an India that is progressing rapidly.
  • According to PM Modi, Delhi’s streets are free from power brokers. From the voice of power brokers, the voice of the poor is heard.
  • The practice of Triple Talaq has caused great injustice among Muslim women. “We are trying to end this practice but there are some people who are not wanting it to end. I assure the Muslim women that I will work to ensure justice is done to them.” said Modi.
  • Our Nari Shakti makes us proud, the Prime Minister said. The evil mindset that perpetuates injustice vis-à-vis women is unacceptable to us. Anyone who indulges in crime against women will be severely punished.
  • The Northeast is making remarkable strides. This region is distinguishing itself in sports, organic farming, BPO sector among other areas. Earlier Delhi seemed distant for the Northeast but we have got the entire Government to this region.
  • We want to progress more. There is no question of stopping or getting tired on the way, the Prime Minister said before concluding his address.

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