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Bollywood And Beyond: The India Film Quiz


Bollywood And Beyond: The India Film Quiz

Take the India Film Quiz to test your knowledge of the subject, from landmark movies to productions that have received popular as well as critical acclaim.

1. One of the earliest Indian films is the silent film Raja Harishchandra, released in 1913. This film was directed and produced by a man known as the Father of Indian Cinema. Who is this director?

Dhundiraj Govind Phalke, better known as Dadasaheb Phalke, not only directed, but also wrote and produced this film. The entire cast was drawn from non-professionals, and there were no women in the cast .

2. What is the name of Satyajit Ray’s first feature length film?

Pather Panchali (1955) was financed by the West Bengal government due to the lack of enthusiasm from other producers to fund this film. The music score was composed by Ravi Shankar, the famous sitar player. It remains up to this day one of the most influential films in the world, sparking the Parallel Cinema Movement in India.

3. Which famous actor played the role of Emperor Akbar in Mughal-e-Azam?

Directed by K Asif, the Prithviraj Kapoor-starrer initially had a different cast which underwent a change. Not only is it one of the greatest films of all time, adjusted with inflation it is also the highest grossing Bollywood movie so far.

4. Who were the scriptwriters for the film Sholay?

The 1975 blockbuster was written by the popular Salim-Javed duo. Though they broke up later on, they have written the script for many landmark films such as Yaadon ki Baarat (1973), Haathi Mere Saathi (1971), Zanjeer (1973) and Deewar (1975).

5. A film directed by Mehboob Khan was sent to the category of Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards in 1957-58. Name this film.

A remake of the film Aurat (1940), Mother India became internationally famous for its depiction of the nature of the traditional Indian woman. This film stars Nargis as the main character; she is supported by Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar.

6. Who directed the film Salaam Bombay, which reached the shortlist for the best foreign film in the Academy Awards?

While making this film, Mira Nair and Sooni Taraporevala, the scriptwriters, spent two months visiting homeless and parentless children in Bombay, in reform institutions, in jails and alleys and bylanes of the city. The actors chosen from this film were 19 such children who they found.

7. This movie was initially called High Jump. The movie is said to have been inspired from the biography of the legendary Japanese director, Akira Kurosawa. Name the film.

The original inspiration for Taare Zameen Par was not dyslexia, but rather the childhood of Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa who performed poorly in school. The goal was to explore the story of a child who did not fit into the school system.

8. Which is the oldest cinema hall in India?

The Elphinstone Picture Palace was established by Jamshedji Framji Madan in 1907. It was later renamed as Minerva and was rechristened to Chaplin Cinema in 1980. The theatre was demolished in 2013 after decades of non-functionality.

9. Name the work of literature which the movie Fitoor by Abhishek Kapoor is based on.

Based on the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, this story is set in modern day Kashmir. The initial role of the Begum in the film was supposed to be played by Rekha, but later Tabu was cast instead.

10. Which is the film to have won not only the Best Film at the first Filmfare Awards, but also the Best Feature Film in the first National Awards?

Directed by Bengali Director Bimal Roy, the classic Do Bigha Zameen discusses the plight of farmers in semi-feudal rural areas of India.

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